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Where it began

Although working with wood has been a lifelong passion, my career officially began in 2000 at the IBTC in Lowestoft where I trained as a boat-builder. This followed 7 years of working in different boat yards in Holland refining my skills, before setting up my own business restoring classic wooden boats.


A move to London

In 2008 I moved to London were I worked for small furniture design companies making and fitting high-end kitchens, wardrobes and storage solutions. Once I’d found my feet in the UK, I felt I was ready to once again launch my own business, focusing on (but not isolated to) fitting Dutch barges on the Thames.

Current focus

Over time my repertoire has grown from boats and barges to include house interiors and freestanding bespoke furniture. I am flexible - working alone or in combination with architects, depending on job and client requirements. I work on both small and large-scale spaces – the challenge of moving between environments keeps me inspired.


Materials and workmanship

Although real wood is always my first choice I understand that both cost and environment mean they’re not always viable… sometimes MDF and chipboard have a place! Regardless of materials used, my work is always of the very highest standard and I leave no stone unturned to deliver top-class quality and finishing.

See the image gallery for examples of work​

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